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Solution 37355: TI-84 Plus CE Press-to-Test Mode in Dutch Differences from Other Languages.

How is the TI-84 Plus CE Press-to-Test Mode in Dutch different from other languages?

A list of differences are below:

  • To enter Press-to-Test you use the key combination [ENTER][+][ON].
  • When enabled, an orange status bar rather than the blue status bar will appear.
  • If using the TI-84 Plus CE–T the LED will blink amber.
  • PlySmlt2, Conics, Inequalz, & Language Localization will still be enabled.
  • All preexisting Appvars on the device will be deleted.
  • Stat Diag is OFF by default.
  • logBase and Summation functions are not disabled by default.

A list of similarities are below:

  • The exit method is the same as other languages Press-to-Test.
  • Apps and programs disabled while in Press-to-Test will become re-enabled when exiting Press-to-Test mode.

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