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Solution 37055: Types of Files that can Transfer Between Different Models Within the TI-84 Plus Family.

Which types of files can I transfer between different models within the TI-84 Plus family?

Not all TI-84 Plus CE graphing calculator files are compatible with other TI-84 Plus Family graphing calculator files because of the high resolution of the color screen.

In general, numeric files (lists, variables, matrices, and functions) are shared between all TI-84 Plus family graphing calculators; however, Apps are not shared between these graphing calculators, even if they have the same title.

When not compatible, the computer file extensions for the TI-84 Plus CE are different from a similar variable on the TI-84 Plus/TI-84 Plus Silver Edition and TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition graphing calculators.

Please see the chart below for the TI-84 Plus family graphing calculator file compatibility:

For more information regarding your Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Family graphing calculator, please refer to the guidebooks section.