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Solution 36926: TI-84 Plus CE in Complex mode, Negative Bases Raised to Fractional Powers with Odd Denominator Returns Real Result.

Why does the TI-84 Plus CE in complex mode, negative bases raised to fractional powers with odd denominator returns real result?

Interpretation of complex number expressions at the high school target learning level is seen in computations. This item deals with even an odd denominators for problems such as  (-2)^(b/c).

Calculator is designed for an early learning experience for this class of problems with odd denominator in the fractional power.
For example: (-2)^(3/5)  
The above value will reduce to - 1.515716566  using simple high school math solving using ln with this perspective, (-2)^(3/5)=(-1)^3(2)^(3/5) since every real number has a unique 5th root.