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Solution 36918: Use of Custom Named Lists Causes Display Issue While using the Catalog Help Paste Functionality on TI-84 Plus CE.

Why does the use of custom named lists cause display issues while using Catalog help paste functionality on the TI-84 Plus CE?

Use of custom named lists currently causes a display issue while using the Catalog help paste functionality because of a known issue. If you follow the steps below you can reproduce this issue:

• Press [Stat] [5:SetUpEditor] then type [W] [E] [E] [K] [,] [A] [V] [G] the [Enter]
• Press [2nd] [list] [Right Arrow] to OPS then use the [Down Arrow] to reach [List.matr(] and press the [+] key to open the catalog help.
• Press [2nd] [list] then highlight [8:Week] and press [Enter]
• Nothing is pasted and if you press [Graph] to escape the menu the OPS menu is corrupted.
• Pressing the [Down Arrow] key repeatedly will restore the menu.

This issue should be corrected in a future release for now you can avoid using custom lists with catalog help.