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Solution 34882: Re-Enabling Students TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition After Apps Have Been Disabled With TI TestGuard™ 4.0.

How do I re-enable the student's calculator Apps or programs?

To restore disabled Apps and programs that have been disabled for an exam:

• Connect the calculator to another student’s calculator with a unit-to unit cable and transfer any file between them.

To transfer a file:

• On the receiving unit, press [2ND] [LINK] [►] [ENTER].
• On the sending calculator, press [2ND] [LINK] and select a file to send by selecting a category, and then selecting a file.
• Press [►] [ENTER] to send the file.


• Download a file to the calculator from a computer with TI Connect™ software.

Please see the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition guidebook for additional information.