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Solution 34500: TI TestGuard™ Application for the TI-84 Plus and TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition Validation Feature Information.

What is the validation feature for the TI TestGuard Application for the TI-84 Plus and TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition?

  1. What is the TI Validation feature in TI-TestGuard™ 4.0 App for the TI-84 Plus and TI-84 Plus C?
    a. The TI Validation feature checks the integrity of the software to ensure it still has TI authentic software (not corrupted software or from a non-TI source).

  2. Why is TI authentic software important?
    a. The reason to care that you have TI authentic software is the knowledge that you have confidence with the algorithms on the calculator and any test security feature you are using such as clearing memory.

  3. Why/When would you run the TI Validation feature?
    a. If you suspect that a calculator may not have authentic TI software including the functionality you expect it to have (as for an exam), then you may want to run this feature to validate that the software is TI authentic (or official TI software).  The TI Validation takes a few minutes per calculator.  If you desire to use this feature, please plan time accordingly.

  4. What does “corrupted software” mean to me?
    a. Scenario: Perhaps the student bought the calculator from the web. The device they are using has corrupted software.  The device was hacked.  You have probably heard of jail-breaking iPhone which changes the software on the product that was not intended to be changed.  Thus, their product is now not functioning as out of the package.
    b. The software may have bugs, it may have had functionality added or removed, etc.  The calculator is no longer under TI warranty.
    c. Corrupted software is not created by accident.  Someone who had that unit intentionally downloaded special tools to hack the device, knowing that they could corrupt the product, and knowing that the software would not be the same software assumed by teachers, schools and exams.
  5. What do I do if I have a unit (or units) with corrupted software (discovered via these error codes)?
    a. We recommend having extra calculators available in case you encounter a calculator that has been corrupted.  The TI calculator is not functioning as out of the package and thus you may not want to allow the use of that calculator on an exam.
    b. If you have a calculator with one of these error codes, and therefore has corrupted TI software, then the product is no longer under warranty.
    c. Please first try to download the latest operating system software to this calculator.  Latest TI software can be found at or linked unit-to-unit from a valid TI calculator with the latest operating system.  If you contact TI CARES we may be able to help recover the calculator, but this may not be possible.