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Solution 33171: Using the Split Screen on the TI-84 Plus Family.

How can I use the split screen on the TI-84 Plus family graphing calculator?

To set a split-screen mode, press [Mode], and then move the cursor to the next-to-last line on the mode screen.

Select Horiz (horizontal) to display the graph screen and another screen split horizontally.

Select G-T (graph-table) to display the graph screen and table screen split vertically.

The split screen is activated when you press any key that applies to either half of the split.

If stat plots are turned on, the plots are shown along with the x-y plots in graphs. Press [2nd] [Table] to make the table portion of the split screen active and to display the list data. Press [up arrow] or [down arrow] to highlight a value you want to edit, and then enter a new value directly in the table to overwrite the previous value. Press [left arrow] repeatedly to display each column of data (both table and list data)

More information is available in the TI-84 Plus guidebook.