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Solution 15143: Storing a Function to a List on the TI-83 Plus Family of Graphing Calculators.

How can I store a function to a list on the TI-83 Plus family of graphing calculators?

There are several methods to define a list using a function, below are the steps for each type.

Saving a sequence to L1:

• Press [2nd] [CATALOG] [S].
• Locate the seq( command by scrolling down and press [ENTER].
• Press [X,T,O,n] [,] [X,T,O,n] [,] [1] [,] [5] [)].
• Press the [STO>] key.
• Press [2nd] [L1].
• Press [Enter] to store the numbers.

Alternately, users can assign the function itself to the list using quotation marks. This means that the list will update based on changes to the value.

For instance: 

• Press [5] [STO>] [ALPHA] [A] [ENTER] (stores the value 5 in variable A).
• Press [ALPHA] ["] [2nd] [CATALOG] [S].
• Scroll down and locate the seq( command and press [ENTER].
• Press [ALPHA] [A] [x] [X,T,O,N] [,] [X,T,O,n] [,] [1] [,] [5] [)] [ALPHA] ["] [STO>] [2nd] [L1].
• Press [ENTER].

Given the setup above, L1 will contain a list {5,10,15,20,25}. If the value of A is changed, for instance storing 2 to A will automatically update the list to be {2,4,6,8,10}.

Users can also define a list using another list. For example storing L1 to L2:

• Press [2nd] [L1] [STO>] [2nd] [L1] [Enter].

Like above, users can use operations to define lists. For example using the defined L1 above add 5 to L1 values and store to them L2:

• Press [2nd] [L1] [+] [5] [STO>] [L2] [ENTER].

When the values in L1 change, the values will update automatically. 

Please see the TI-83 Plus Family guidebooks for additional information.