Education Technology

Solution 15081: Combining Lists of Data From Class on the TI-83 Plus Family or TI-84 Plus Family Graphing Calculators Using TI InterActive!™ Software With the TI-Navigator™.

How do I combine lists of data collected from a classroom with TI-83 Plus family or TI-84 Plus family graphing calculators into one single list with TI InterActive! using TI-Navigator?

In order to combine multiple data lists collected from a class using the TI InterActive! software with the TI-Navigator system, follow the steps below necessary for augmenting multiple lists:

• Launch the TI InterActive! software.
• On the toolbar, click Insert > List to open the Data Editor window.
• On the toolbar, click File > Import > from Class... to open the Import From Class window.
• Click the Augmented List tab. In the List Selection section in that window, select the List to Collect From Class, and then the Resulting Augmented List.
• Click the Import button.

Please see the TI InterActive! guidebook for additional information.