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Solution 12746: Connecting the TI-Presenter™ to a ViewScreen™ Calculator.

How do I connect a TI-Presenter to a ViewScreen calculator?

Before setting up the TI-Presenter, make sure the ViewScreen calculator is turned off. Follow the steps below to connect the ViewScreen calculator to the TI-Presenter:

• Connect the power cable to the AC/DC adapter.
• Connect the other end of the AC/DC adapter to the DC Power Port on the TI-Presenter.
• Connect one end of the video cable to the Video-Out Port on the TI-Presenter. Connect the other end of the cable to either (depending on what interface is being used):

- The Video-In Port on the TV.
- The Video-In Port on the VCR.
- The RF modulator.

If the TI-Presenter is being connected to the TV through a VCR or an RF modulator, refer to the manufacturer's manual for connection instructions.

• Connect the larger connector on the calculator cable to the Calculator-In port on the TI-Presenter. Connect the other end of the cable to the ViewScreen port on the calculator.

NOTE: The calculator cable connectors are equipped with locks. When one is connected, a clear "click" can be heard. To disconnect push slightly on the sides of the connector to release it.

• On the TI-Presenter, set the TV format switch to NTSC or PAL, as appropriate.
• Plug the power cable into a wall outlet. The power indicator flash a few times, then it turns green.
• Turn on the TV and select the video input mode. Wait 10 seconds to see the TI-Presenter splash screen on the TC.
• Adjust the TV contrast, if necessary.
• Turn on the calculator.

More information on how to troubleshoot a TI-Presenter can be found here.