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Solution 13004: Troubleshooting a TI-Presenter™ Not Showing the Calculator Image on the TV Screen.

What can I do to troubleshoot a TI-Presenter not showing the calculator image on the TV screen?

Problem: TV Screen is Different from the calculator display but is not the splash screen or busy screen.
• Press [CLEAR] on the calculator.
• Turn Off the calculator, then turn it back on and start the input again.
• Make sure the calculator cable connector is fully inserted into the TI ViewScreen™ port on the calculator.

Calculator display takes only one quarter of the TV screen (TI-89 only).
• Press [2nd] and [MEM] on the calculator.
• Press [F1] to select Reset Mode and select 3:Default.

Problem: No image on the TV screen.
• Make sure the calculator cable is fully inserted into the correct port on the TI-Presenter.
• Make sure the TV mode switch on the TI-Presenter is in the correct position.
• Make sure TV and/or VCR is on.
• Make sure TI-Presenter is on.
• Make sure TV is in the video mode.
• Turn off the calculator and then turn it back on.
• If none of the above helps, disconnect everything and then follow the set-up instructions.

Problem: TV screen goes blank.
Solution: TI-Presenter may have gone into the Automatic Power Down or APD™ mode. To exit the APD mode, connect the calculator to the TI-Presenter, if it not already connected, and turn the calculator on.

Problem: The Power Indicator does not turn green.
Solution: Make sure the power cable is fully inserted into the AC/DC adapter and into the wall outlet.

Problem: The Power indicator on the TI-Presenter is blinking.
Solution: The base code on the TI-Presenter may have been damaged. Download the base code from TI website.

Problem: Scrolling frames on the TV screen.
Solution: Make sure the TV format switch is in the correct position; NTSC for the United States and Canada, PAL for Europe.

Please see the TI-Presenter guidebook for additional information.