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Solution 12330: Differences in Programming a TI-83 and TI-83 Plus Using the Software Development Kit (SDK).

How does programming a TI-83 differ from programming a TI-83 Plus?

A lot of skills used to program the TI-83 will apply to the TI-83 Plus. Since the TI-83 Plus was designed with Flash Apps in mind, there are several differences to know. These include:

• Using the B_CALL macro for ROM calls instead of the regular call op code.

• Size of user assembly programs (not apps) is limited to 8K.

• The prog/list symbol table is slightly changed. It now also includes group/appvar/tempprog entries, and the entries are three bytes longer. Any routines that manually looked through the symbol table will have to be slightly modified.

• Many of the Assembly programs written for TI-83 will execute on the TI-83 Plus. However they will require that the original source code be re-assembled to correct for different physical address locations of Entry Points to the TI-83 Plus's operating system.

• Some Entry Points which existed in the TI-83, such as "PGMIO_Exec" will need to be done differently. The TI-83 Plus SDK documentation provides various system entry points to the individual calls which will allow the programmer to use and understand the programming steps used to input variables and strings.

Please see the TI-83 Plus SDK guides for additional information.