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Solution 11984: Sending a StudyCards™ Stack to a TI-83 Plus Family, TI-84 Plus Family, or TI-Nspire™ in TI-84 Plus Mode Through StudyCards Creator Software for Windows®.

How do I send a StudyCards stack to the memory of a TI-83 Plus family, TI-84 Plus family, or TI-Nspire in TI-84 Plus mode?

The TI StudyCards™ Creator software for Windows® allows you to create and edit stacks of electronic flashcards called StudyCards. StudyCards stacks are application variables (AppVars) ¾ that is, they are files that are related to a particular Flash application (App). Using the software, you can send a StudyCards stack to the memory of a connected device. The stack can also be saved onto the computer's hard drive for editing later and to serve as a back-up.

Note: Saved StudyCards stacks can only be opened and edited on a computer using the TI StudyCards Creator software. They can be used as actual flashcards only on the calculator using the StudyCards™ App. This is due to the files being AppVars, for which a computer has no software capable of 'running' them.

To send a StudyCards stack using StudyCards Creator software follow the steps listed below.

• Open the TI StudyCards Creator software.
• Select either "New Stack" to create a new StudyCards stack, or "Open Stack" to open an existing stack.
• Click Tools > Options...
• Under "When Sending to a device, always send files to," specify whether you want to send the AppVar to the "Regular(RAM) memory," or to the "Archive (Flash) memory" by clicking the corresponding radio button. Then click OK.
Note: As far as opening the stack using the StudyCards App is concerned, it makes no difference whether you choose to send the file to the device's RAM or to the Flash ROM. This option is just provided as a way to allocate memory on the connected device.
• Click Actions > Send to Device or click the Send to Device toolbar button (has a yellow arrow pointing towards a calculator on it).
• Select the stack that is desired to be sent.
• Click OK.

For additional information on using TI StudyCards Creator, refer to the help section of the software.