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Solution 11881: Differences Between Grouping and Archiving Variables on TI Graphing Calculators.

What are the differences between grouping and archiving variables on TI graphing calculators?

Grouping makes a copy of two or more variables residing in RAM and then stores them as a group in user data archive. The variables in RAM are not erased. Actually, the variables must exist in RAM before they can be grouped. The only time the variables will not have a copy in RAM is when the group file was created on a computer using the TI-GRAPH LINK™ or TI Connect™ software and sent to the calculator as a group.

Ungrouping does not remove the group from the user data archive. The individual variables are placed in RAM but, the group still exists in the data archive. To remove a group from the data archive it must be deleted.

Archiving on the other end moves the variables from RAM and puts them in data archive.

Please see the TI graphing family guidebooks for additional information.