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Solution 11181: Creating a Backup of the Files on a Graphing Calculator Using TI Connect™.

How do I create a backup of the files on a graphing calculator using TI Connect?

To create a backup of the files on a graphing calculator, please follow these steps:

1) Connect the TI USB or Connectivity cable to the calculator and the PC. Verify the USB or Connectivity cable is completely pushed into the Calculator and is a tight fit. If it is not completely pushed in the computer will not detect it.
2) Start the TI Connect software and click Backup.
3) Click on yellow folder with the green arrow to name the backup file. 
4) Click save to keep the file name. 
5) Press OK to start the back up file transfer.

Please Note: This procedure will create a backup of all files contained in RAM. When selected, Flash applications will also be included in the backup.