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Solution 40463: Details on Texas Instruments’ Support for Programming on Graphing Calculators and Texas Instruments Software.

Does Texas Instruments provide support for programs writing, debugging and running on TI graphing calculators and TI Software?

Texas Instruments provides support for the download and execution of programs on TI graphing calculators and TI Software, with the exception of third-party “shell” programs, which have been known to cause the calculators to lock up or malfunction.

Support for programs includes:

  • Transferring programs using the TI Connect, TI Connect CE, or TI-Nspire Family Software to a TI Graphing Calculator.
  • General usage questions about TI Connect CE or TI-Nspire Family software Program Editors
  • Finding, selecting and inserting commands using TI Connect CE and TI-Nspire Family of Software Program Editors.
  • How to run a program written in TI-Basic or Python on a graphing calculator or TI Software
  • How to run a program to be used with the TI-Innovator and TI-Innovator Rover
  • Dealing with zip files from

Support for programming includes:

  • Steps to access the editors to begin writing a program on a calculator or with TI software, using the Program Editor.
  • Providing syntax and definitions of programming commands which are also documented in the guidebooks.

If you have additional questions about programming, please refer to the TI Codes website and/ or to the TI product's guidebook.

For questions related to programming a graphing handheld in conjunction with the TI-Innovator Hub and/or TI-Innovator Rover, please contact our TI-Innovator Tech Support specialists at 1-866-846-2844.