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Solution 38856: About TI Rechargeable batteries sold through Amazon

How can I determine if a TI Rechargeable Battery purchased through Amazon is a genuine, TI Rechargeable Battery?

The only way to be sure you are purchasing a genuine TI Rechargeable Battery is to purchase it through Texas Instruments, a TI Instructional Products Dealer, or Amazon directly. If you purchase a battery from Amazon Marketplace, you are responsible for ensuring you are purchasing a TI Rechargeable Battery.  TI is not responsible for damage to a calculator in which a non-TI battery has been inserted. To ensure you are purchasing a TI Rechargeable Battery, look for the words “Texas Instruments” printed on the battery.

For information about life expectancy of lithium-ion batteries and routine maintenance and care for TI Graphing Calculators, please see our battery care page at Solution 33711: Best Care Practices for TI Products With a TI Rechargeable Battery.

Please Note: If it’s time to replace your battery, you can place an order for a TI Rechargeable Battery through the TI-Online Store at or by calling TI-Cares