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Solution 34501: Resolving Issues with TI-NoteFolio™ Creator and TI-Connect™ 4.0.

How do I resolve issues with TI-NoteFolio Creator and TI-Connect 4.0?

We are currently aware of an incompatibility issue with TI-Connect 4.0 and TI-NoteFolio Creator. To resolve issues with TI-NoteFolio Creator and TI-Connect it is necessary to download and install an older version of TI-Connect version 1.6.1.

To install the older version of TI-Connect please follow the steps listed below: 

1) Click [Start] then [Run] and type in the text listed below:


2) Next click [OK] to open [Windows® XP: Add/Remove Programs] or [Windows® 7 or Windows® Vista: Programs and Features].

3) Next locate TI-Connect and highlight the program and choose the option [Windows® XP: Remove] or [Windows® 7 or Windows® Vista: Uninstall]

4) Next click [Yes] on the window that appears to continue with the uninstallation process.

5) Once TI-Connect 4.0 is uninstalled you can download and install the TI-Connect 1.6.1 version by clicking the attachments link at the top right or bottom of the webpage.

Please Note: Steps to install this version can be found in KnowledgeBase Article #32571.

If you have questions about the information listed above please contact TI-Cares for additional assistance.