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Solution 11443: Troubleshooting "Cannot Send to TI Device" or "Cannot Save a File" Error Using TI NoteFolio™ Creator Software

Why does TI NoteFolio Creator Software display "Cannot send to TI Device" or "Cannot save a file"?

When error messages "Cannot send to TI Device" or "Cannot save a file" are displayed when using TI NoteFolio Creator, it is possible that some of the installation files or registry keys for the software have become corrupt and stopped working. Follow the steps provided below to troubleshoot this issue.

• Close TI Connect and TI NoteFolio Creator if open.
• Select Start >> Control Panel >> Add or Remove Programs.
• Click on TI NoteFolio Creator and click Change.
• The installer will appear and will search for installed components.
• When given a choice between Remove, Repair, or Cancel; choose Repair.
• Once the Repair process is complete, attempt saving a file again.

Please Note: TI Notefolio Creator is currently not compatible with the 4.0 version of the TI-Connect software nor has it been tested past Windows XP OS. As an alternative, TI Connect 1.6.1 may provide a solution. In order to obtain the previous version of TI-Connect, please refer to Resolving Issues with TI-NoteFolio Creator and TI-Connect 4.0 for further assistance.