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Solution 32771: Steps to Configure the Texas Instruments Setup.ini for use with TI-SmartView™ Family Software.

How do I configure the Texas Instruments Setup.ini for use with TI-SmartView Family Software?

The setup.ini file allows for the automated configuration of TI-SmartView Family Software for easier deployment of the software.

The first step to configure the file is to open the setup.ini file in a standard non-formatting text editor such as “Windows® Only: Notepad” or “Mac® Only: TextEdit”.

Please Note: If opened in a word processor such as Microsoft® Word or iWork® Pages® additional formatting will be added that will cause the file to be detected incorrectly by the software.

Configuration changes are different depending on the type of license being used. Listed below are the license type and the configuration options available to that license type.

Universal to all License types:

This parameter allows the software to communicate with the website upon launch to verify if there is a newer version available. If there is a new version available it will prompt to the user if they want to upgrade.

This parameter allows the software to change the location it creates its runtime logs which are the logs written every time the software launches for diagnostic purposes.

When set to [Yes] the software will install silently with no user interaction. When set to [No] the installer will display the normal dialog screens for installation requiring the user to accept the prompts before continuing installation.

This parameter allows the software to change the location the software installation directory is located.

Volume Subscription, Concurrent Subscription:

This parameter if set to [Yes] will warn the user when their license is about to expire. If set to [No] the user will not receive a warning before their license expires.

This parameter allows the user to enter the amount of days the software will wait before displaying that the license is about to expire. The user can enter a date 1-31 days before the license expires. For this parameter to work the parameter "License Expiration Warning" needs to be set to [YES]

Volume License Only:

This parameter allows the user to enter their license number for silent activation. The 31 Digit license number should be entered with dashes in the above slot.

This parameter allows the user to enter a delay before attempting activation. The software will pick a time between 0 seconds and the specified time up to 600 seconds. This is useful if deploying to a large amount of users to conserve network bandwidth.

Concurrent License Only:

These parameters allows you to enter the [Hostname/IP address] of the computer the TI-Admin Software is installed on for license checkout. It is suggested to enter the hostname in license server 1 and the IP address in the field license server 2 in case the hostname cannot be resolved.

When using concurrent license this parameter must be set to [Yes] to be configured correctly for concurrent checkout.

Once you have decided what parameters you wish to edit, make your changes in your non formatting text editor and save the file.

If you have questions about the information listed above please contact TI-Cares for additional assistance.