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Solution 14862: Using TI-SmartView™ 4.0 Emulator Software With A Connected CBL 2™ or CBR 2™.

How do I use the TI-SmartView 4.0 emulator software with a connected CBL 2 or CBR 2?

TI-SmartView 4.0 emulator software can be used to collect and analyze real-world data on a computer by connecting a CBL 2 or CBR 2 with the EasyData application.

Please Note: To connect a CBL 2 or CBR 2 to a computer, the Silver USB Cable for Windows® /Mac® cable must be used. Other TI Connectivity Cables are not supported for this type of connection.

Connecting A CBL 2 or CBR 2 & EasyData:

1) Plug the SilverLink USB cable into a USB port on the computer, and plug the other end of the cable into the CBL 2 or CBR 2 I/O port. 
2) Click Tools >> Establish Connection. A dialog box will appear that lists all devices connected to the computer with a SilverLink USB cable. If the device is not listed, check both ends of the cable and make sure they're connected properly. Then click Refresh to update the list.
3) Click the connected device to highlight it and then click Select. TI-SmartView connects the device and displays Device Connected on the title bar. Also, the Establish Connection menu item changes to Disconnect.
4) Click [APPS], and then run EasyData.
5) Use EasyData to collect data. For information on running EasyData, refer to the Applications chapter of the TI-84 Plus Guidebook, available on the TI-SmartView installation CD or from the website.
6) When finished using the data collection devices, click Tools >> Disconnect. The TI-SmartView software can be used when the CBL 2 or CBR 2 is connected, but it's a good practice to disconnect all data collection devices when finished. Do not simply unplug the cable.

Additional Notes:

♦ If the USB connector is unplugged from the computer while the connection is active, the computer may lock up and need to be rebooted.
♦ After a device is connected, the SilverLink cable can be plugged into a different data collection device without reconnecting. Suppose a CBR 2 needs to be used first and then the CBL 2 needs to be used second. The SilverLink cable can be unplugged from the CBR 2 and plug it into the CBL 2.
♦ Other than a CBR 2, only probes connected to a CBL 2 can be used. TI-SmartView does not use direct-connect probes.
♦ Data can also be collected with a CBR 2 separately, and then that data can be transferred to the TI-SmartView software for analysis.

Please see the TI-SmartView or data collection guidebooks for additional information.