Education Technology

Solution 10230: Modifying the Name of a LearningCheck™ Quiz Using LearningCheck™ Creator.

When I modified a LearningCheck quiz and saved it as a new name, why does it still have the old name in the student's assignment list on the calculator?                    

When an .edc file (LearningCheck quiz file) is renamed, it does not automatically change the name of the file as seen on the assignment list on the calculator.

To change the file name on the assignment list, the "Document Title" must also be renamed from within the file. So when modifying existing quizzes, remember to change the "Document Title" in the document properties. Follow the steps below to make the "Document Title" name change:

• Click to highlight the document (top level of tree depicted on left side of display in the screen shot below)

• The document information (properties) screen will display in right pane

• Change the "Document Title" name here

For further information, please refer to the help tab on the menu bar or the LearningCheck guidebook link provided.