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Solution 10127: Importing Functions From a Calculator or Computer into the TI InterActive!™ Software.

How can I import functions from a calculator or computer into the TI InterActive! software?

It is possible to import one or more equations/functions from a supported TI graphing calculator into a graph in TI InterActive!. It is also possible to import equations/functions that are stored as files on the computer.

Importing from a supported calculator:

1) Connect the calculator to the computer using a TI Connectivity Cable. Make sure the calculator is turned on and its home screen is displayed.
2) Open a Graph window in TI InterActive!.
3) On the Graph window, click File >Import Equations/Functions >from TI Device.

Please Note: If the Select TI Device dialog box displays, click the appropriate calculator and then click Select. For the TI-83 family and TI-84 Plus family, the dialog box shows the Y= equations on the calculator.

For the TI-89 family, TI-92 family and Voyage™ 200, the dialog box shows the folders on the calculator. As necessary, click signs to show the functions in a particular folder.


4) Click a function name to highlight it. To select multiple functions, hold down the Ctrl key and click additional functions or hold down Shift to select a range of functions. To select all the functions, click Equation or Function at the top of the function names.
5) Click Import.

Importing from a file on the computer:

1) Open a Graph window.
2) Click File >Import Equations/Functions >From Computer.
3) On the dialog box, navigate to the folder where the file is stored.
4) In the Files of type box, click to select the file type to import. The dialog box shows only those file names with the corresponding extensions.
5) Click the file name to import. 
6) Click Import.

Locating imported functions in TI InterActive!:

1) For Y= graphs, the imported functions are placed in the next available open slots in the Functions window and are automatically renamed to that position. For example, suppose a function is already in Y1(x) and Y2(x). When a function is imported, it goes into Y3(x) regardless of its function name on the calculator or in the imported file. Because the function is renamed, all functions in the Functions window have a unique name.
2) For X-Y graphs, the imported functions are placed in the next available open slots. Because the X-Y graph is free format, the original function is imported without any name changes. X-Y graphs allow multiple functions to have the same name, unlike Y= graphs.

For more information regarding TI InterActive!, please refer to the guidebooks section.