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Solution 32111: System Requirements For TI-Admin Software Version 2.1

What are the system requirements for the TI-Admin Software?

The System Requirements for version 2.1 of the TI-Admin Software are as follows:

Supported System Specifications

    Windows® XP (Home and Professional version) with SP 2 or SP 3
    Windows Vista® (Home Premium, Business and Ultimate) with SP 1
    Windows Server® 2003
    Minimum system – PIV, 1.0Ghz, 1024MB RAM, 1GB disk

Network Environment Compatibility

    Requires a static IP address
    Generic udp/IP network
    Subnets and sub-domains within network firewall
    Novell e-directory™
    Windows® 2000, Windows® 2003 and Windows® 2008 domains
    Windows Workgroups® (NetBIOS)

Network Protocol

    Encrypted udp/IP over Port 5093
    HTTPS over Port 443 for initial activation