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Solution 18989: Availability of a Trial Version of TI-SmartView™.

Is there a trial version of TI-SmartView available?

Free Trial versions of TI-SmartView Emulator Software for the TI-30/34 MultiView and the TI-84 Plus family are available. The trial offers the full-featured version of the TI-SmartView Emulator Software.

The TI-SmartView emulator software for TI-MathPrint is available in a 90 trial version.

The TI-SmartView CE emulator software for the TI-84 Plus graphing family is available in a 90 trial version.

A FREE trial of TI-SmartView emulator software of your choice can be requested by calling 1-800-TI CARES (1-800-842-2737) or by submitting a request using the TI Cares™ Customer Assistance Form. School information is required.

The TI-SmartView software trial periods cannot be extended.