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Solution 11152: Graphing Calculators that are Compatible with the TI-GRAPH LINK™ Software.

Which graphing calculators are compatible with the TI-GRAPH LINK software?

The TI-GRAPH LINK Software works with following graphing calculators:

  • TI-80 ViewScreen™  Calculator
  • TI-73
  • TI-82
  • TI-83 Family Graphing Calculators
  • TI-84 Family Graphing Calculators
  • TI-85
  • TI-86
  • TI-89
  • TI-92 Family Graphing Calculators

Each calculator requires a unique version of the TI-GRAPH LINK software.

Alternately, consider installing TI Connect™. This software supports all of the calculator models listed here except for the TI-80 View Screen, TI-82 and TI-85. TI Connect is fully supported on Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems.

Please Note: The TI-Connect software does not include a program editor within the software. Customers using the TI-84 family calculators and the TI-89 family calculators will need to use the TI-GRAPHLINK software to edit their programs. Once the programs have been edited, customers will use the TI-Connect software to transfer the programs to the calculator.

Please Note:: Currently, only the TI Connect v1.6 computer software is supported on Windows Vista. We are in the process of testing our software on each Windows Vista platform. However, no release date has been announced as to when the tested versions of the software will be available for the public. We suggest periodically visiting our website at for the latest information and downloads.