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Solution 10703: Type of Battery Used In the TI-1795 SV.

What type of battery does the TI-1795 SV use?

The TI-1795 SV uses battery power as a backup in low-lit areas, so that the calculator will always have some source of power during use. The battery recharges itself, giving it a long life. The TI-1795 SV uses a GP-189 or a LR54 alkaline button cell battery.

About replacing the button cell battery on a TI-1795 SV:
For safety purposes and to prevent ingestion, the button-cell batteries in school and student-owned calculators as well as basic/elementary calculators without battery doors are not designed to be replaced. It is possible to replace the battery by removing the back case of the calculator, but opening the back of the calculator voids the one-year, limited warranty. This must be done carefully, as we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused when you attempt to replace the battery. If your calculator is already out of warranty, you might choose to remove the back case to replace the battery.

If your calculator does not power on, please see Warranty Information on Texas Instruments Products Purchased in the United States and contact TI-Cares.