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Solution 27810: Correcting Software Activation Prompts After Configuring Client Computers for Use with the Concurrent or School-Managed Licenses with TI-Nspire Family Version 3.2 and below and TI-Smartview Family Software.

Why am I prompted to continue with the trial version or enter a license number after configuring the software on the client computers for use with the TI Admin software?

If the user is prompted to continue with the trial license or enter a license number after configuring the software on the client computers for use with the TI Admin software, verify the following information:

• The TI Admin software has been installed, activated, and is running on the license service computer.
• The license service computer and client computers are on the same network and can communicate with each other.
• The software on the client computers has been configured correctly using the setup.ini file. Also, make sure the setup.ini file is named correctly (for example, set-up.ini will not work).

When editing the setup.ini file for use with the software installer file verify that the items below are correct:

LICENSE_SERVER_1=IP address or hostname
LICENSE_SERVER_2=IP address or hostname
LICENSE_SERVER_3=IP address or hostname

Please Note: For the above LICENSE_SERVER options, Texas Instruments recommends entering the hostname (license service computer's name) in LICENSE_SERVER_1 and the IP address (license service computer's IP address) in LICENSE_SERVER_2. This ensures that if the client computers cannot communicate with the license service computer using the hostname; it will use the IP address as an alternate communication source.

Once the setup.ini file has been configured correctly, it should be saved and copied to the location below:
• Windows®: The same directory as the installer.
• Mac®: /TMP folder located in the root of hard drive.

If the software was installed previously follow the additional steps below:

• Un-install the software from the client computer.
• Delete the folder location below, for [Software Name] delete the folder that matches the name of the software you are trying to install.

• Windows® XP - \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\[Software Name]
• Windows® Vista and Windows® 7 - \Program Data\[Software Name]
• Mac® - \Library\Application Support\[Software Name]

Next install the software following the steps that correspond to your software:
TI-Smartview Family:

• [Double-Click] on the installer.

TI-Nspire Family:

• [Right-Click] the .msi installer and choose [Send To] [Desktop] which creates a shortcut on your desktop
• [Right-Click] the shortcut on your desktop and choose the option [Properties]
• In the properties menu append the text "/qn" without quotes at the end of the "Target" field then click [Apply] then [OK].
• [Double-Click] the shortcut created on your desktop

Please Note: The steps listed above are not the only way to launch the software, you can additionally launch the software via the command line with the /qn switch or via deployment software with an option to deploy .msi files silently.

Please visit the Texas Instruments Software Service Center and refer to the Concurrent License Installation documentation for additional information.