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Solution 10220: Opening TI-92 Family Geometry Figures with Cabri® II Plus Software.

Can Cabri II Plus open TI-92 Family geometry figures?                    

A TI-92 geometry figure can be opened using Cabri II Plus. To open a figure in Cabri II Plus complete these steps:

• The figure needs to first be transferred from the TI-92 to the computer.

•  In Cabri II Plus, click on File then Open and change the "Files of type" box to TI-92 figure

• Browse for the file. Note: Cabri II Plus files cannot be opened on the TI-92.

This does not apply to the TI-92 Plus. Cabri II Plus does not recognize TI-92 Plus files. The reason is that the file extension for the TI-92 Plus is .9xA. This extension is not recognized by Cabri II Plus. Cabri II Plus recognizes the .92A extension of TI-92 files. To get a TI-92 Plus file to be recognized, it has to be sent to a TI-92 and then sent to the computer.

For more information please see the TI-92 family guidebooks for additional information.