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Solution 15889: Correcting the Message "ERROR" on the TI-36X Solar.

Why is my TI-36X Solar displaying the message "Error" and how can I correct it?

When "Error" appears on the display, the calculator will not accept a keyboard entry. Press the [CE/C] to clear the error condition. Press the [CE/C] twice to clear the condition and all pending operations.

The TI-36X Solar displays the message "Error" in one of the conditions below:

• A number is divided by zero.
• The result is larger than 9.999999999 * 10^99.
• More than 15 open parentheses are used.
• More than 4 pending operations are entered.
• Computing the log, ln, or 1/x of zero.
• Computing the log or ln of a negative number.
• Computing the even root of a negative number.
• Zero to the power of zero is computed or the 0th root of a number.
• Converting from rectangular to polar when x or y has an exponent greater than 63.
• Computing the tangent of 90 degrees or any equivalent angle.
• Computing the inverse sine or cosine of a number which absolute value is greater than 1.
• Computing permutation or combinations when n and r are not positive integers.

Please see the TI-36X Solar guidebook for additional information.