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Solution 28631: Performing One-Variable Statistics on the TI-30XA.

How do I solve for one variable statistics on the TI-30XA?

The following example will demonstrate how to calculate one-variable statistics using the TI-30XA.

For example: Find the sum, mean, population standard deviation, and sample standard deviation for the data set: 6,4,5,7,10

Input the values:

1) Press 6, [Σ+]
2) Press 4, [Σ+]
3) Press 5, [Σ+]
4) Press 7, [Σ+]
5) Press 10, [Σ+]

Calculate the variables:

To display the sum:
1) Press [2nd], [Σx].
The answer is 32

To display the mean:
1) Press [2nd], [].
The answer is 6.4.

To display the population standard deviation
1) Press [2nd], [σxn].
The answer is 2.059126.

To display the sample standard deviation:
1) Press [2nd], [σxn-1].
The answer is 2.30217

Please see the TI-30Xa and TI-30Xa Solar guidebook for additional information.