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Solution 15504: Entering Negative Exponents on the TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator.

How are negative exponents entered on the TI-30Xa scientific calculator?

Two keys can be used to enter negative exponents on the TI-30Xa scientific calculator; the [y^x] key or the [EE] key. The [y^x] key is used for all exponents while the [EE] key is used for scientific notation only.

The examples below will demonstrate how to use both keys:

For Example: Entering 7^-2.

1) Press [7] [y^x] [2] [+/-] [=].
2) The calculator will display: 0.20408163.

For Example:

1) Press [1] [EE] [3] [+/-] [=].
2) The calculator will display: 0.001

Please see the TI-30Xa and TI-30Xa Solar guidebook for additional information.