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Solution 10688: Replacing the Batteries In a TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator.

How can the batteries in a TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator be replaced?

The number of batteries required for the TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator will vary (1 or 2 lithium batteries), please check the back of the calculator to verify how many batteries are needed:

“2XA76 1.5V 110mAh”  (Requires 1 button cell A76 battery)
“1XA76 1.5V 110mAh”  (Requires 2 button cell A76 batteries)

Note: The Energizer® "A76" battery replaces "LR44"

Comparable button cell battery model numbers include:

Duracell® D357
Eveready® 357
Maxell® LR44
Varta® V13GA

About replacing the button cell battery on a TI-30Xa Scientific calculator:
For safety purposes and to prevent ingestion, the button-cell batteries in school- and student-owned calculators without battery doors are not designed to be replaced. It is possible to replace the battery by removing the back case of the calculator, but opening the back of the calculator voids the one-year, limited warranty. This must be done carefully, as TI is not responsible for any damage caused when you attempt to replace the battery. However, if your calculator is already out of warranty, you might choose to remove the back case to replace the battery.

*** If your calculator is less than one year old and undamaged, and the battery has stopped working, please contact TI for assistance.

To replace the batteries:

1) Remove slide cover. Place calculator face down.
2) Using a small Phillips screwdriver, remove screws from back case.
3) Remove back case.
4) Remove discharged batteries.
5) Install new batteries positive side up, as shown on diagram inside case.
6) Roll a coin across the reset pad printed circuit board, reset pad should be printed in small text above this area.

Please Note: The reset pad is in different locations on different revisions of the calculator. If you are unable to locate the text reset pad just roll the coin randomly across the circuit board and you will eventually reset the calculator. Make sure to only roll and not scrape or you may damage the calculator.

7) Replace back case, and then replace screws.
8) Press [OFF], [ON/C], [ON/C].

Please Note: The calculator cannot hold data in memory when batteries are removed or become discharged.

If your calculator does not power on, please see Warranty Information on Texas Instruments Products Purchased in the United States and contact TI-Cares to obtain service information.