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Solution 22950: Battery Type for the TI-10, TI-15 Explorer™ and the TI-108.

What model types of batteries do the TI-10/TI-15 Explorer/TI-108 use?

Both the TI-10 and the TI-15 Elementary calculators use one CR2025 Lithium Battery.

The TI-108 uses one LR1130 Lithium Battery if purchased after 2014. The TI-108 uses one CR1220 Lithium Battery if purchased from 2014-2004. If you do not remember the purchase date check the back as the battery model will be etched on the back.

Please Note: If you have a TI-108 purchased before 2004 it is powered by the solar panel only.

For the TI-108, TI-10 and the TI-15 Elementary calculators, please see a local battery retailer for purchasing details.