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Solution 10345: Using the Tax Rate Functions on the TI-1795 SV.

How do I use the tax rate functions on the TI-1795 SV?

Refer to the below instructions on how to use the tax rate functions of the TI-1795 SV.

To set the tax rate:

1) Input the tax rate, for example, 6
2) Press [RATE]
3) Press [Tax+]

To recall the tax rate:

1) Press [RATE]
2) Press [Tax-]

To use the new tax rate in a calculation:

The following examples demonstrate how this is done on the TI-1795 SV (assumes the 6% rate in the above example has been set).

Example: $12.00 + 6% = $12.72
1) Input 12.00
2) Press [Tax+]

Example: $12.72 - 6% = $12.00
1) Input 12.72
2) Press [Tax-]