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Solution 10465: Simplifications Running Slow on the TI-92 Family

Why do some simplifications run slow on the TI-92 family graphing calculators?

Some operations can be inherently slow for rather simple operands. Examples include factoring, simplification of fractional powers, and cancellation of hidden factors between non-numeric numerators and denominators. In some cases, intermediate expressions can become quite large despite modest inputs and final results.

If a problem is taking an unacceptable amount of time:

• Try using a different mode, such as APPROXIMATE versus EXACT
• Try using an appropriate alternate function, such as nSolve() versus solve() or nInt() versus integral()
• Try solving a simpler related problem: For example, substitute appropriate simple numbers for some of the variables, or conversely try substituting variables for some of the messy constants or subexpressions
• Use a simpler physical model (such as ignoring fractions)
• Use the taylor() function or other means to replace an expression with a more simple approximation.

For more information on the usage of the TI-92 Plus please refer to the TI-92 Plus Guidebook.