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Solution 19049: Calculating Cost-Sell-Markup on the BA II PLUS™ and BA II PLUS™ PROFESSIONAL.

How do I calculate the cost mark-up on a BA II Plus or BA II Plus Professional?

To calculate the cost mark-up on the BA II Plus and BA II Professional, please see the below instructions.

Example: The original cost of an item is $1899. The selling price is $2299. Find the mark-up of the item.

1) Select the Percent Change/Compound Interest worksheet by selecting [2nd] q. The screen will display OLD.
2) Press [2nd] [CLR WORK] to clear the worksheet variables.
3) Enter 1899 and press [ENTER]. 
4) Press the down arrow, enter 2299 and press [ENTER].
5) Press the down arrow and press [CPT].

The displayed answer will be 21.06%

Please see the BA II PLUS and BA II PLUS PROFESSIONAL guidebooks for additional information