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Solution 11266: Rounding Standards for the BA II PLUS and BA II PLUS PROFESSIONAL Financial Calculators.

Is there a rounding error on the BA II PLUS and the BA II PLUS PROFESSIONAL?

The BA II PLUS and the BA II PLUS PROFESSIONAL internally store numeric values to an accuracy of 13 digits. A specific number of decimal places to be displayed can be set. The default setting is two decimal places, rounding if necessary.

The decimal format setting affects only the display; it does not round the internal value, except for amortization and depreciation results. In the example provided below, when the calculator is set to display two decimal places, the calculator displays .07 but, internally it stores 0.065. To test this functionality, follow these steps:

1. Press [5][5][2][5][¸][8][5][0][0][0].
2. Press [ENTER] and the calculator will display .07.
3. WITHOUT clearing the calculator, press [´] [8][5][0][0][0][=].
4. The calculator will display the correct answer of 5525; which is the result for 0.065´85000 (0.07´85000, would display a result of 5950).

Please see the BAII PLUS or BAII PLUS PROFESSIONAL guidebook for additional information.