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Solution 11231: Clearing Values on the BA II PLUS™ and the BA II PLUS™ PROFESSIONAL.

How do I clear the different parts of the memory on the BA II PLUS or the BA II PLUS PROFESSIONAL?

To clear keystrokes one character at a time from the display (including decimal points) press [->] key above FV.
To clear an incorrect entry, an error condition, or an error message from the display press [CE/C].
To exit out of a worksheet and return to standard-calculator mode press [2ND] [QUIT]
To stop all pending operations in the standard-calculator mode and display zero press [2ND] [QUIT]
While in a worksheet, to clear a value that has been keyed into the display but has not yet entered as a variable value press [CE/C] [CE/C].
To clear any calculation that has been started but has not yet been completed press [CE/C] [CE/C].
To clear the TVM worksheet and return the values in the worksheet to a known starting point press [2ND] [QUIT] [2ND] [CLR TVM]
To clear any other worksheet (not TVM) and return the values in the worksheet to a known starting point. Also returns to the first variable in the worksheet press [2ND] [CLR WORK] while in the worksheet.
To clear all 10 memories press [2ND] [MEM] [2ND] [CLR WORK]
To clear only one of the 10 memories without affecting the others press [0] [STO] and the key for the number of the memory (0-9).
When in a worksheet, press [CE/C] [CE/C] [CE/C] to return to standard-calculator mode.

Please see the BA II PLUS or BA II PLUS PROFESSIONAL guidebooks for additional information.