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Solution 11216: Amortization Worksheet on the BA II PLUS™ and the BA II PLUS™ PROFESSIONAL.

What is the amortization worksheet on the BA II PLUS and the BA II PLUS PROFESSIONAL?

The Amortization Worksheet calculates the remaining balance and the amounts paid to principal and to interest for a specified range of payments.
These results depend on the range of payments entered (P1 and P2), and on the values entered and/or computed for the TVM variables.

Follow the steps below to enter an amortization schedule in the worksheet:

1) Press [2nd] [Amort]. P1 is displayed. This is the number of the first payment in a range of payments. 1.00 represents the first payment. 
2) Press the down arrow key once to display P2. This is the number of the last payment in a range of payments. Leave the value for P2 as 1.00. With P1 and P2 set to 1.00, the range represents the first payment only. 
3) Press the down arrow key three times for the remaining balance, principal and interest to be displayed within the worksheet.

Please see the BAII PLUS guidebook and the BAII PLUS PROFESSIONAL guidebook for additional information