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Solution 11202: Calculating Monthly Payments on the BA-35 Solar.

How do I calculate monthly payments using the BA-35 Solar?

The monthly payments can be found on the BA-35 Solar by following the steps below.

Example: What are the monthly payments on a mortgage for $75,000 at 8.5% interest which is compounded monthly over 30 years?


75000 = PV 
.71 = %i
360 = N
? = PMT

Solution Steps:

• Press the [2nd] key and the [CMR] key.
• Input 75000 and press the [PV] key. (This stores 75000 to the present value register.)
• Input 8.5 [2nd] [÷12] and press the [%i] key. (This stores the monthly interest rate of .71 to the interest per year register.)
• Input 30 [2nd] [x12] and press the [N] key. (This stores 360 to the N register.)
• Press the [CPT] key and the [PMT] key to an answer of $576.69.

Please see the BA-35 Solar Quick Reference Guide for additional information.