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Solution 10195: Troubleshooting a TI Keyboard That is Not Communicating with a Graphing Calculator.

What can I do when my TI Keyboard is not communicating with my calculator?                    

Try the following to troubleshoot a TI Keyboard that will not communicate with the calculator:

1) The calculator may not recognize input from the keyboard. Make sure the calculator is compatible with the TI Keyboard (only Flash calculators can be used), make sure the NoteFolio™ App is installed on the calculator, and the Operating System(OS) on the unit supports the keyboard.
2) The cable may not be connected properly. Make sure the cable is plugged securely into both the keyboard's input/output (I/O)port and the calculator's link port.
3) Press the [Caps Lock] key on the keyboard to see if the batteries are working.
4) The batteries may be low. Try installing fresh batteries.
5) The batteries may not be installed correctly. Check the diagram inside the battery compartment.
6) If the keyboard is not working after installing new batteries, remove the batteries for at least 30 seconds and then re-install the batteries.

Please Note: The TI Keyboard is NOT compatible with the TI-Nspire™ family handheld in any mode.