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Solution 19449: Conserving Battery Life on the CBL 2™.

How can the battery life on a CBL 2 be preserved?

There are several actions which can be taken to preserve the battery life on the CBL 2 data collection tool.

• Always quit the data collection program properly before removing the CBL 2 from the computer or calculator. When the program quits, it turns the CBL off. If you do not do this and you simply disconnect the cords and put the CBL 2 away, it will still be collecting data and you are likely to have dead batteries when you use it next.

• Another way to make sure the CBL 2 is off is to disconnect all cords, then press and hold "Start/Stop" on the CBL 2 for about 5 seconds. You will see the LEDs flash and hear a beep. This indicates that the CBL 2 is off.

• You can also simply remove one or more batteries from the CBL 2 before storing it.

Please see the CBR family and CBL family guidebooks for additional information.

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