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Solution 32914: Configuring the TI-Navigator™ Type I and Type II Access Point for use in the TI-Navigator Classroom Network.

How do I configure the TI-Navigator Type I and Type II Access Point for use in the TI-Navigator Classroom Network?

Please follow the steps below to configure the TI-Navigator Type I and Type II Access Point for use in the TI-Navigator Classroom Network:

Please Note: The steps below only correspond to Type I and Type II Access Points pictured below. For assistance with the Nav-AP-US Access Point please visit Knowledgebase Article #31211.


• First open TI-Navigator Network Manager by clicking [Tools] [Network Manager] from within the TI-Navigator Software.

• Before attempting to add the Access Point please verify the TI-Navigator Network Adapter is listed as working properly as listed in the image below:

• Next click [Actions] [Add Access Point] to attempt to add your access point. 

• The window below stating that "The hardware is being reconfigured at your request" should be displayed.

• Once this dialog completes you should get a message "The Access Point was successfully added to the classroom network." Click [OK] to dismiss this dialog.

• Once this dialog is dismissed you should see "Access Point" listed as "Working Properly".

If you need additional assistance with other components of the TI-Navigator System please visit Knowledgebase Article #31211.

If you need assistance with any of the steps listed above please call the TI-Navigator support line at 1-866-846-2844 Monday-Thursday 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM and Friday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM Central Standard Time or fill out the TI-Cares™ Customer Assistance Form.