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Solution 10278: Preparing and Charging a New TI-Navigator™ Type I Network Hub.

How do I prepare and charge a new TI-Navigator Type I hub?

The TI-Navigator Network Hubs contain rechargeable batteries. Although the batteries should be at least partially charged when received, it is a good idea to fully charge the hubs before initial use. When the hubs are fully charged, they will function all day under continuous use. It's is also a good idea to re-charge them each night.

The TI-Navigator Type I Charging Bay can hold up to four hubs. After placing the hubs in the charging bay, they are charged in sequence until all are fully charged. If the batteries are fully discharged, it may take up to four hours per hub to fully charge the batteries. With four network hubs in the charging bay, it will take 16 hours to fully charge all hubs. Typically, this is done overnight or over a weekend. When the hubs are fully charged, the LEDs show solid green.

Note: There is no damage to the batteries by leaving them in the charging bay beyond the time needed to fully charge them. Also, it is not necessary to fully discharge the batteries before recharging them. To preserve battery life, remove the network connectors if the hubs are stored for more than two weeks.

If there are not have enough (3-4) power outlets for the equipment received, obtain a power strip so that there are plenty of grounded outlets.

• Insert the small cylindrical end of the power adapter cord into the charging bay.

• Plug the other end of the adapter into a power outlet.

• Verify that the light on the power adapter is on.

• Insert each hub into the charging bay. The hubs can only be inserted in one direction.
Hub Charging 

• Attach a network connector to each hub. Press firmly to make a good connection.
Note: The network connector acts as an on-off switch for the network hub. It must be connected for the hub to function on the network, but a hub can be charged with or without a network connector attached. If a hub is removed from the charging bay with no network connector attached, the hub's power-status LED goes off until a connector is attached.

Checking the power-status LED

A power-status LED (a small light) at the top of each hub blinks or changes colors to indicate various power operations or status.

While the network hubs are in the charging bay:

• A blinking yellow light means the hub is waiting to be recharged.

• A solid yellow light means the hub is currently recharging.

• A solid green light means the hub is fully charged.


When fully charged, the hub is ready to connect to the classroom network.

For more information on connecting hubs to the network, see instructions in Knowledgebase Article #33092.

Please see the TI-Navigator documentation for additional information.