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Solution 32591: Installing TI-Navigator™ Software for Windows®.

How do I install TI-Navigator software for Windows®?

Please follow the steps below to install the TI-Navigator Software for Windows®:

• [Double-Click] on the TI-Navigator.exe file to launch the installer.

Please Note: If you receive the error the installer is "Not a Valid Win32 Application" please visit Knowledgebase Article #18049.

• You will then be prompted to exit all other programs, if you are sure you want to continue installation click [Next] to proceed. 

• You will be given general information about the application click [Next] to continue with the installation process.

• Next you will be prompted to accept the license agreement, click the [Radio Button] next to "I accept the license agreement" then [Next] to proceed.

• Next you will be prompted for your registration information as well as your Product ID. Enter in your [Full Name] [Organization] and then your [Product ID] then click [Next] to proceed.

Please Note: The product ID is located on the inside the TI-Navigator Software DVD case on the left side on a cardboard insert on a sticker. If you are unable to locate the product ID an additional location this can be found is at the bottom of the TI-Navigator Access Point.

• Next you will be prompted for the installation location for the TI-Navigator software either choose a new location or keep the default location then click [Next] to proceed.

• You will be allowed to disable the creation of a desktop shortcut click [Next] to proceed.

• After this you will reach the end of the installation process click [Finish] to complete the installation process.

Please Note: If you receive the error "Error 1721" please visit Knowledgebase Article #10752.

If you need assistance with any of the steps listed above or if the troubleshooting does not correct your issue please contact TI-Cares for additional assistance.