Education Technology

Connecting Ratios to Graphs

Activity Overview

This activity allows students to reason about ratio tables, which helps their understanding of what a ratio describes in a context and what quantities in equivalent ratios have in common.

About the Lesson

 In this TI-Nspire™ lesson, students consider the values in a ratio table as ordered pairs and graph them on coordinate axes. The graph of a collection of equivalent ratios lies on a line through the origin. Careful inspection of tables containing equivalent ratios illustrates regularity in the entries and the corresponding graphs, which can be explained in terms of repeated addition or scalar multiplication.

Prior to working on this lesson, students should understand:

  • the concept of ordered pairs;
  • how to plot points on a coordinate grid;
  • how to complete a ratio table.

This is Lesson 8 out of 15 in the Building Concepts in Mathematics: Ratios and Proportional Relationships Series