Education Technology

Pi and Precision

Activity Overview

Students will collect the measurements of circumference and diameter for four objects in their group. (Cup, Can, Mint Candy, and a Coin) They will then investigate the accuracy of their data colletion using a numerical table and a scatter plot. Students must observe how closely their measurements resemble the value of pi by finding the quotient of the circumference and diameter of the objects they are given.

Before the Activity

Directions are provided for each page that the student will have to complete during the investigation. The activity template includes example data so that you can see what type of data the students are investigating and what you are to expect.
Also attached is an example of what the data could look like if you were to collect measurements from the following items.

During the Activity

This TI-Nspire document is what should be sent to each of the students handhelds. The data table is blank as well as the graphs. The students are responsible for filling in the data.

After the Activity

Attached is a summary and extension packet that can be assigned as homework. The students do not need their handheld units in order to complete these problems.