Education Technology

a-MAZE-ing Secret Paths

Activity Overview

Students learn to add and subtract numbers using the calculator. They investigate patterns in place value and explore relationships between numbers on the hundred chart.


Students will explore the following concepts in this activity:

  • Whole numbers
  • Place value
  • Comparing numbers
  • Estimation
  • Addition
  • Subtraction

About the Lesson

Distribute the activity page to students, and model how to play the game.

Students should select a number from the hundred chart and note the number to the right of it.  Ask them how this number is different from the first number. Have each student enter the number he or she chose in the calculator. Ask: What would you do to change the calculator display so that it shows the value of the number in the square to the right? Have students continue to investigate the number to the left, below, and above his or her original number in the same way.

By playing the a-MAZE-ing game, students will explore the pattern in the place values and the effect of adding and subtracting using the calculator.