Education Technology

Graphing Quadratic Functions

Activity Overview

Students graph quadratic functions and study how the variables in the equations compare to the coordinates of the vertices and the axes of symmetry in the graphs.

Key Steps

  • Image

    Students drag the expression x2 to the x axis to display the graph of the function y = x2.

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    Students use the Parallel tool from the Construction menu to display a line parallel to the x-axis such that it intersects the parabola twice.

    They then create the intersection points for where the parallel line intersects with the parabola and the y-axis.

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    Next, they use the Length tool from the Measurement menu to measure the distances from each point on the parabola to the point on the y-axis.

    Finally, they use the Coordinates and Equations tool from the Actions menu to display the coordinates of the points where the line intersects the parabola.